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Chattes épilées puta mata ki asees

mothers to repeat this prayer for their child's protection and blessing. Because the mother is the first teacher, and those lessons begin in the womb, the consciousness of the mother is tremendously important. Hux afpF vIcfr krdy hF ik ik gurU gRMQ sfihb ivc mfqf ipqf iks nUM ikhf igaf hY? (mY qF) Aus pRmfqmf df hI mn ivc shfrf hY ijs ny ieh ijMd idwqI hY, ijs ny ieh srIr idwqf. Translation: Remembering God, all mistakes are washed away and one's ancestors are redeemed and saved. Bhavar tumaaraa ih man hova-o har charnaa hohu ka-ulaa.

Nirinjan Kaur Puta mata: Chattes épilées puta mata ki asees

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